Our relationships in the Craft Beverage industry go well beyond applying ink to a label substrate. Recently, a Craft Beer label customer needed to improve their labeling operation on their canning line. To help resolve their issues, Lithotone met with the design implementation team at Microcanner (https://microcanner.com), in Cedar Springs, MI.

Following that meeting, and by adjusting our print production and die cutting to meet the specifications of the the new labeling system – developed and manufactured Microcanner Labeler, Lithotone was able to produce the perfect label to match the labeler’s specifications. By doing so, we achieved our Craft Beer customer’s need for a shorter time-to-market – thus allowing the Craft Brewer to eliminate their offline labeling process, and streamline their canning operation.

With Lithotone’s streamlined production equipment, variable content on the label is a simple process. Each label produced can contain variable information, images, production dates and/or product expiration dates. The possibilities for label content are almost endless. And applying the custom labels with the Microcanner Labeler makes the process easy.

In Craft Beverages, the goal is all about the freshness of the product. And when a brewery has a beverage ready to package, there is no time for delay. If you’re dealing with production delays due to a lag in the supply chain, let Lithotone know and we’ll see if we can help.

Helping to resolve supply chain problems and delivering printed label products, in a just-in-time fashion, is what we do. Let us know where the kink in the chain is, and we’ll see if we can help to solve it.

For additional inquiries please contact Jim Priebe, Executive Vice President, or Mark Alstott, Director of Corporate Development.

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