In the Beginning

When Lithotone was founded by Ken Priebe and Jim Powell in 1962 their concept was simple – provide more value, service and quality for their customers. That formula for success set the course for our mission.

Where We Are Today

Now into our fifth decade in business, and fourth generation of family/employee ownership, the Lithotone team continues to provide outstanding value and exemplary customer service to deliver world class quality.

Making the Future

Let’s talk about how we can improve the dynamic reach of your brand!

Employee Owned…and why that matters to our Customers

When you make the decision to work with Lithotone, there is the added bonus of working directly with the owner. You see, we’re all owners, and it’s been that way since Lithotone started back in 1962. As an employee owned organization, you know that we are all rowing in the same direction, to yield the best product for our customer’s brand. And that’s just the way the owners want it.

Let’s Get Down to Business.

The choices are simple – Print It? Pack It? Store It? Ship It? Yes! And the experienced team at Lithotone will handle all of these aspects of your go-to-market strategy. Start the process, choose the professionals and make an immediate difference in your brand’s reach. Get started today!

Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Web Printing

Large Format

Large Format


Digital Printing

Digital Labels & Print

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