It’s been almost a full year since my last blog post. And what a year it was – staying safe during the pandemic looked different for almost everyone. Essential healthcare workers were on the front lines, facing the virus head on.

In the state of Indiana, print services were deemed an essential service, and although it doesn’t carry the same risks as healthcare, we took our essential role seriously. 

We masked up, staggered our shifts, worked socially distanced in the plant and kept the work moving through the company. Some of our customers took precautions and curbed their services for several weeks. During that time, we made internal improvements we normally don’t have time to perform. And when our customers came back online, we were ready.

One year later, we are stronger for meeting the challenges we faced, head on. Our team has grown, our customer base has expanded and we are still working diligently to service our community, and keep our employees safe.

Stay safe, be healthy and let’s stay diligent.

Media Contacts: For additional media inquiries please contact John Crawford, Director of Marketing and Sales, or Mark Alstott, Director of Corporate Development.

About Lithotone 

Lithotone, Inc., founded in 1962 by Ken Priebe and Jim Powell, as a private, employee owned organization. Lithotone operates a print, bindery and fulfillment facility from their headquarters in Elkhart, IN.